Occupied from the Roman period, Ammerschwihr is quoted in 869 under the name of "Amalrici Villare" or "Amalrich's village" and was brought up to the rank of city from 1367. 
 In vineyards, at feet of the massif from Vosge remains the base of the square donjon of the ancient castle of Meywihr quoted in 1279.
In the village, admire the monuments of past supernaturally saved by both world wars:
- 13th century: the rests of fortifications, the high door or "Obertor"
- 16th century: the tower of the Thieves or "Schelmenturm", so named because it served as prison,
- the tower of the Middle-class persons or "Bürgerturm"
- the chapel St Wendelin
- the fountain of the Man Savage
- rests of the ancient city hall dating 1552
- and the church Martinmas ( 1564 ) in the neogothic bell tower reconstructs in 1910
- the Christ of the Twigs of the 16th century (Official site) (reviews)