Kaysersberg, in the heart of the Alsatian vineyard

"the most beautiful city of the world"

Quoted native of doctor Albert Schweitzer Kaysersberg, decorated with flowers city 3 flowers, Pollutec Price on 2006 for his dynamism "Renewable energies", Price Natural Municipality 2011 with 3 dragonflies, is coupled with Lambaréné in the Gabon and Perwez in Belgium.

She account 2766 inhabitants. She extends over 2482 hectares among which on 2168 of forest situated between 250 and 820 m of height.

Kaysersberg, with its numerous half-timbered houses, its beautiful historic center, and its imperial castle in ruin dominating the city (Kaysersberg means the mountain of the Emperor) is, therefore, an inescapable stage in Alsace.

The city is besides very renowned for its Christmas market and its preludes of Easter.